Thursday, October 23, 2008

I am a lucky girl.

I have the nicest parents to take care of me and arrange the life besides studies. In my childhood, Almost every weekends they would take my brothers and I to go outside instead of being a couch potato. NCKU was really an ideal place. Bridges and trees make the college of literature more romantic just like the Tang poems had praised. Also, we often went mountain-climbing, too. Every time I climbed up for the bambo-shoots-soup vendor at the mountainside and went down for chicken soup at the bottem. And the bookstore was one of our favorite place, not only because of the air-conditioner but the mountain like bookshelves. My brothers are the best, too. They always let me pick what I want first and help me when I was stuck by the computer problems. To be honest, I am really poor at anythings connected to machines.

That's how I grew up. When other members dedicate themselves to the family, I just took them for granted. I didn't learn to take on more while aging. Still being a little princess, which never exist in a realistic world. I was quite arrogant and selfish when I was young. And those weren't the parents should afford.

The volcano would finally explode.

Once, when my parents were busy participating in my class trip, help preparing and carrying the the food. I did nothing but keeped asking how well they had done as well as saying "hurry up." At the morning before going, I sat at the sofa, watching parents busy setting stuffs. My Dad was quite angry about that. He yelled at me" Stop asking others to do things for you, think about what you can do to others." I was shook at that time. Tears came out immediately. During the trip, I am much more quite than before.

After, I didn't change lot. But I learned a lesson that I should do something active rather than waiting for help. Now, I would help when Father and Mother are busy. Though I still not a good daughter but better than before.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

The Communication Right

Telephone tapping is officially, strictly controlled in many democratic countries to obey Article
12 in the Declaration of Human Rights " No one shall be subjected to arbitrary interference with his privacy, family, home or correspondence, nor to attacks upon his honour and reputation ."But still there's plenty of arguements about it.
Take Taiwan for example, in the past, government's despotism had allowed the agency to monitor people. The number of victims was increadibly high but unfortunately they were innocent in most cases. It made the progress of Taiwan slow down and the shortage of intellects. That's why lawmakers doubted on the Investigation Bureau's case of buying new devices to strengthen the phone tapping recently. Since that we are not a monocracy any more, why spend money on offensing people's privacy? On the other hand, the Bureau has the neccessary on attacking criminal and needs to renew their facilities. The most serious question is that this new device is mobile. With it, the agency could wire-tap on anyone only by parking a car nearby. It has already violated the law that cannot set a bug, video recorder, or other things which can monitor someone in private place. The Investigation Bureau needs to show the possibilities of criminal or destruction to the court to get the permission of wiretapping. But things could be change now. And it obviously offence our privacy.
Besides Taiwan, other countries are involved in it, too. However, some governments, like America, are still afraid of making promises not doing so. After reporters and officers accused CIA of telephone-tapping, they didn't even give a word on it. The prior chief of intelligence bureau in France had detected on president and his lover. Above showed our communication right is not safe anymore. How to make a good deal between people's privacy and the agency's work? The government needs to figure out.