Tuesday, November 11, 2008

It's time for the newspapers to change

Today's media are paying too much attention on the unimportant stuff and negative news. They are busy distorting the facts to make their publications attracted. Paparazzi never stop offensing the celebrities' privacy but forget that we actually have no interest on it. It's time for them to make changes and for the news with "love" to warm us again.

If a killing happens in a small town, it might be repeated over years, but when it happens in a society, it might only be remembered for minutes. Since that, why the media don't carry us something more practical or close to our life? Take newspapers for example, there are at least three killing and rape news in a print. Sometimes stupid fail robberies are mentioned, too. I'm not saying that I ignore that knowing can help preventing, but to us, those are not special and commonly occured. Of course, we shouldn't neglect the dark side of the society.But can reporting the news that only worth a facial expression help improving the dark side? Isn't spreading the warm side of the world another way to help preventing the dark side grow?

I'm a loyal reader of newspapers. Reading newspapers after a tiring day is my dialy routine. But the content sometimes is too inappropriate to kids, like putting horrifying pictures on the headlines and discussing who had a baring accident today in the amusement section. We encourage kids to read newspapers by themselves, but could these content give positive influence to children? How many of the children can distinguish right from wrong, to do or not to do when they are young? These are what the editors and reporters should think about. Not only young people would be easily influenced but the adults are, too. A print of newspapers without some postive points of view or news would depress a person. Since that it's not easy for normal people to live in comfort, to make their publications be comfortably read with is also the publishers' lesson.

The new elected president of the America, Obama, led his supporters swear that yes, we can in his speech. However, in my view, we can't improve the society without the newspapers change first. So, to reach the goal of "yes, we can ", it's for the newspapers to change.