Thursday, April 30, 2009


What have you been thinking about after receiving gifts? The meaning behind, value, or shape? Put the idea of the value and shape away, whether you like the gift or not, what's prescious is the meaning behind. The most impressive gift I've received is a wood-made giraffe. Not the kind that is carved on a piece of wood, my giraffe is beaded by several strings of bead. It maybe just a normal handicraft, but actually what lie behind it is an inoffensive joke to my birthday.

Because of the long, thin neck, long, thin chin and long, thin body shape I had in my childhood, I was called "giraffe" as my nickname. Kids didn't mean to hurt someone or making fun of somebody, it's only a little embarassing nickname. However, after frequently being called, it was quite disturbing. My friends gave a gratifying explanation to my appearance. They said that the long, thin chin was what we call an oval face in Chinese; the long, thin neck is a visual mistake make by my thin shoulder. They also said that "giraffe" is a cute nickname, and they like it a lot. From then on, I gradually accepted being called as giraffe. One of my friend sent a wood-beaded giraffe as a gift on my birthday. It's a sweet, cute gift with a lot of friendship inside.

It's not easy to set an ideal present since we are now chasing the changing future. Too much unknown makes us covetous and desire to own everything we like. As long as one day we are before and can control the future, the ideal gift will be clear because we can have more than before. Now except the material life, I wish somethings can happen as a birthday gift, like a group of friends shouting"happy Birthday" and promising that they will go n a trip with you to anywhere. It's a showing of forever friendship.

I don't grade the gifts others give me. Receivers never realize how much efforts the givers pay into them.

Friday, April 3, 2009

What Taiwan may impress others

Once my father told me that it's hard to find foreign news on American TV. So, I guess nearly only the serious, political news are the resource for foreign impression to us. However, policy are controlled by minoroity who are chasing profits.

Our positive, direct attitude is not only an asset to country but may alsi refresh one's eye. Unlike the scenery, different cultures, races make fifferent racial features, but similiar views can be found easily. I think when visiting a new country, racial features impresses most. We, Taiwanese, often show ourselves in an unpretential way that can let visitors feel homely.

Because of our decromacy, there are several ways to deliver one's thought. I guess in Asia, we are the one who do truly the freedom of speech. Though we need to be more tactful. Still somehow it stops governments from lengthening their power. And how our society works could
be a mirror to them.

Above are what I hope Taiwan can give to the world. not all perfect, but that is Taiwan.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

My Soulmate

What does soulmate means? Your couple or the one who can reach your mind? Probably the latter one. However, some marriages are decided by an impulse, and that's why the divorce rate can't decrease. I've been imaginning my soulmate since I was pretty young because I don't want to make a wrong decision to hurt anyone. My soulmate must be a man who is good at cooking, thoughtful, and humorous.

Eating is such a amazing enjoyment, but cooking is a tiring work. I am good at eating and giving comments on food, however, I am talentless at cooking. So for the sake of my life, I had better found a husband who can cook. A man who is clever at discovering nice restaurants is fine. Hiring a cook is a good idea as well. Though to be honest, eating outside or having a cook beside is not that romantic at all.

I am not considerate and seldom show my feeling directly. So my friends might feel icy from me when I am unhappy or down. At this time, I hope he can comfort me cheer me up. It's impossible for two woods to entwine together. So my soulmate has to be attentive because sometimes I am blunt at others' mind. If my husband were same like me, our family would never be a sweet one. However, it's not fair for him to be the listener every time. I will be inimate to him in return and find out the best way to get along with each others.

Thinking can slow down one's aging, and cultivate one's mind. I want a man who has his own opinion and style, not a person who bends with the wind. We may get different idea on the same thing no matter how serious or slightly the thing is. Humor is the best moderator when we are stiff by the discussion. So besides consideration, humor is also necessary to adjust our relationship.

Into every life, some rain must fall. Into every autumn, some leaves must fall. I won't think too much when the true love is coming. The standard I made is to judge in normal time. What a phrase "love is blind" is! I hope my couple can also be my soulmate.