Friday, April 3, 2009

What Taiwan may impress others

Once my father told me that it's hard to find foreign news on American TV. So, I guess nearly only the serious, political news are the resource for foreign impression to us. However, policy are controlled by minoroity who are chasing profits.

Our positive, direct attitude is not only an asset to country but may alsi refresh one's eye. Unlike the scenery, different cultures, races make fifferent racial features, but similiar views can be found easily. I think when visiting a new country, racial features impresses most. We, Taiwanese, often show ourselves in an unpretential way that can let visitors feel homely.

Because of our decromacy, there are several ways to deliver one's thought. I guess in Asia, we are the one who do truly the freedom of speech. Though we need to be more tactful. Still somehow it stops governments from lengthening their power. And how our society works could
be a mirror to them.

Above are what I hope Taiwan can give to the world. not all perfect, but that is Taiwan.

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